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About the Producers

User Interface Engineering is a leading research, training, and consulting firm specializing in web site and product usability. Jared M. Spool founded the company back in 1988 and has built UIE into the largest organization of its kind in the world. With our in-depth research findings based on user observation, we empower development teams to create usable web sites that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

With more than 800+ startups and 200+ mentors, 500 Startups is a leading technology seed fund and accelerator program headquartered in Silicon Valley. Our priority is to give startups the support, education, and network they need to build great companies. We also produce numerous conferences (including Weapons of Mass Distribution, COMMERCISM, unSEXY, & PreMoney) and world tours (Geeks on a Plane) that bridge the gap between the innovative learning that happens in our accelerator program & the rest of the global startup community. Learn more at 500.co.